Permanent Makeup 
by Tamra
 Call us: 530-677-4299
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Montana Clients

Tamra is coming to town 
July 19th - July 24th (off on Sunday July 22nd)

We book appointments through the California location.
 Please call our office at 530-677-4299.
Cancellation Policy: 

​We have implemented a 48 hour cancellation policy along with a $50 dollar deposit that is REQUIRED to hold all permanent make-up appointments which will then be credited towards your procedure(s). Any balance must be paid in cash or check.

Thank you,
Permanent Makeup by Tamra

Partial Eyebrow

Microbladed Eyebrows

Eyeliner: Top & Bottom
    (Eyelash Enhancement or Solid Line)

Eyeliner: Top or Bottom

Lips (Full Color)

Lips (Lined Only)


Scar Camouflage/Beauty Mark

Corrective Work

Maintenance Touchups on my work:
        Brows and Liner Touchups
        Microbladed Brows and Lip Touchups










$  95+

(all prices inlcude cost of topical anethetic)

If you would like to order lash growth, blinc mascara,
tint kits, mineral makeup, or dermablades. Please call our office so that we may bring them on our next visit or ship them.

Free shipping on products over $65.